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To those who say more guns are the answer:

Great Britain gave up a lot of their guns and they average about 35 deaths a year due to gun shots. We average 11,000. Numbers don’t lie. I don’t want to say positively that is what we need to do in this country but it is an option we should all at least be willing to look at. Tighter laws on who gets a hold of guns should be a minimum priority. Before we 

talk about the rest of the world we should do our homework. Those who think we need a military like presence in our schools should really think about that. What kind of world will it be if we decide to go there. Might as well move to a third world country because that’s what it reminds me of. Keeping a gun in a school seems ludicrous to me. Has anyone really thought that one through. Teachers who constantly turn their back to the kids to write on a chalk board keeping a gun on them or in their desk. Seems much more of a risk to me than a help. One thing you and I can prob agree on is that Mental Illness not guns killed those kids. Lets put our resources into that instead of a military state. Lets drop the stigma that surrounds mental illness. Lets stop hiding it and start treating it. It is clear that these incidents are happening at a greater frequency and with more disastrous results. And I think we are all asking…but what can be done about it? The thing we can do is stop sweeping mental illness under the rug. Spend the money we are using to lock up pot abusers on services to treat and rehabilitate our mentally ill. We need to have a dialog about mental illness in this country. If there is one thing I learned when I studied Psychology it is that the society itself defines what mental illness is. If you think about it it’s a very difficult concept to define. We decide how it will be treated and how those who suffer from it will be viewed. It is a problem that is ultimately defined by us and can only be dealt with by carefully observing those around us. Knowing the warning signs of someone who is about to snap. Becoming more educated and devoting our resources, money and time to finding better solutions and prevention for those who suffer from it.

Voting Nightmare!!!!

Went to vote today.  Had the worst voting experience ever.  Let me start by saying that I checked my polling place and made sure I was registered before the voting even began.

I did not expect to have any problems.  I have voted at the same place for the last two elections.  My designated polling place is Rhema Bible College - a campus of 10-12 buildings.  I had voted there before so I was not concerned.  

I parked, walked in and quickly realized the place was completely empty.  As I walked outside I ran into a gentleman.  He too was looking confused.  He said he had voted here for the past few years as well but it was gone.  I wanted to stop and sympathize but I had to get moving.  I had to vote and get back to work.

A few feet from the building I came across a student walking to class. I asked him where to vote.  He said Rheema was not a polling place this year.  Next, I saw a woman who looked like faculty heading into one of the buildings and asked her where to vote. She gave me the same answer.  Rheema is not a polling place this year. She said lots of people had been asking her about it.  

I then called my husband in a panic and after a quick search on the internet he sent me to a polling place at a Baptist Church that is in the same block as my house. (literally in the same block) There was a huge line when I got there.  Probably 100 people.  I waited in line A-L for about an hour.  While I waited I quickly realized that line M-Z had no one in it!  We were 100 thick and one volunteer was not checking anyone in because there was no one in line for M-Z!! Unbelievable.

Finally got to the front of the line only to find out that my name was not on the roster.  I asked the staff to tell me what to do. They show me a map of the Baptist Church polling area. I see that my house is definitely in their polling area.  The map does not show other polling areas surrounding, only my neighborhood and a few others are included on the map - all highlighted.  Seeing my house on the map I am sure I am in the right place.  

Wrong! After waiting for the guy at the Babtist Church to call downtown for 2 hours I finally told them I was going to eat.  I met up with my husband and ate some food at 2:00.  I was starving and not even able to think strait by then.  My husband suggested that I go back to Rhema to try again.  Since I never really asked an official there.  

I get back to Rhema Bible College and go into their main office.  No one is at the reception desk.  I look around bewildered.  Finally a sweet little Spanish woman sees me hurrying out.  She says I’ll let you go first…you look like you’re in a hurry.  I said I am…I’m trying to vote.  She breezily tells me Oh, it’s right across the street from the college.  

Then she points me in the general direction but I am still weary.  I don’t think the College even owns any buildings across the street!  I go anyway and there it is…the polling place.  In a building that doesn’t look like anyone owns it - let alone the College.  Looks more like an abandoned taco restaurant.

Sad part is that at least two other people were in my same situation.  The guy I ran into at the empty polling place…I wonder if he gave up and went back to work or went on the wild goose chase. I ran into the other guy at the the Baptist Church.  He was in same boat as me…went to Rhema. Was told no voting taking place there.  Somehow ended up at the Baptist Church…but like me, his name was not on the roster.  He ended up filling out a provisional ballot at the Baptist Church.  And guess what that means…His vote did not get counted!!!!  As I was told at the Baptist can fill out a provisional ballot - but if you are not registered at this polling place…your vote will not count.  

The old lady running the polling place at Rhema said she was not told that the polling moved across the street either. She said that she was 30 minutes late starting her volunteer duty because no one even told her the polling place had moved!!!

I feel lucky that I was able to vote even though I still have a headache from all the  confusion.  If someone had just put a sign on the old polling place that said…vote across the street it would have saved me 3 hours!  There is zero organization by the volunteers. Many of them are retirees who don’t have a clue what is going on.  (most look close to 90 years old)  The gentleman at the Baptist Church was so lost and told me that he had not had a break all day.  Seriously we need competent people running the polls.  It should not be this difficult to vote!!!

Mass Media Assult

How depressing is the news these days?

It has always been depressing but lately it seems even more hopeless than usual.  Mass shootings, kids being kidnapped and murdered, homes being invaded, war and conflict. I know it’s always been there but now days it seems even more in your face somehow.   I don’t know about you, but when I hear about all of this chaos and drama I begin to wonder how much control the president has over the content of our media.  Please don’t misunderstand me, I am a pacifist probably to a fault…but even I can see that every gun incident that happens is being given extra coverage right now.  I guess it could be a symptom of new technology which allows us to hear news in real time…but honestly, it seems more like the president’s agenda is being broadcast 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

I know that we have a gun problem.  I believe it - and I think something should be done about it.  I guess I am just not sure that shoving live coverage of death and destruction down our throats is going to remedy the problem.  The constant bombardment and live coverage every time a psychopath snaps just doesn’t seem like a good solution to me.  In my opinion violence begets violence.  The more people see – the more desensitized they become and in many ways it becomes glorified by media coverage.

Tell me what you think…what is the reason for so many mass shootings?  Do you think the Media has any responsibility for the content of their coverage?  What impact do you think Media has on individuals who are disturbed?  Do you think media i.e. computers, movies and the amount of time spent on it is responsible for some violence?  

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